Nordic Resources is a leading Nickel mineral exploration company in Sweden, with a strong commitment to social integrity, environmental security, and sustainable resource development.

We see our mission in strengthening the Swedish economy by improving communities’ livelihood, establishing fair, safe and ethical work environment and reducing the national dependence on mineral imports. We are determined to set a new standard for the ore-mining and mineral extraction industry by going beyond national regulation requirements to implement international standards, voluntary commitments and follow best industry practices to achieve continual improvement.

We are developing an increasing number of sites including the Allebuouda Molybdenum deposit in Arjeplog municipality, Nickel and Copper deposits on the gabbro massif at Kläppsjö in Västernorrland and in the Kukasjärvi and Fiskelträsk deposits in Övertorneå and Boden municipality.

Our team unites highly dedicated professionals from various backgrounds passionate to explore and uncover the natural potential of Sweden. We always insist on legal and ethical work practices supporting and training our employees to ensure their safety and well-being. We respect native communities and minorities establishing an open dialog with land owners and concerned parties to address their best interests and needs. We also work hand in hand with public representatives, local authorities, environmental experts and international networks to improve attractiveness of remote regions that tend to suffer from unemployment or urbanization.

At Nordic Resources we actively promote a zero harm philosophy by adopting smart resource management practices, investing in reliable eco-friendly technological solutions, and developing novel methods to minimize the environmental and social impacts of our operations. We conduct thorough risk assessment and regular safety inspections for all projects and develop emergency preparedness plans to cope with every potential challenge. We prefer to avoid chemical intensive processes wherever possible, effectively substituting toxic ingredients with environmentally acceptable compositions. Using advanced exploration techniques and implementing remediation and rehabilitation programs we manage to preserve landscapes and local ecosystems even within protected natural areas.

Such responsible business approach opens new horizons for investment in mineral industry development. As the public awareness grows, the ability to create social value without inflicting nature or compromising the future generations becomes the crucial part of all business decisions. Nordic Resources is proud to contribute to technological progress and thus enhance local, regional and national prosperity in Sweden. We believe that creative, consistent and coherent work practices are the key to mineral industry rejuvenation and success.